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​T H E  L I V I N G  G A L L E R Y
1094 Broadway Brooklyn NY, 11221

THE LIVING GALLERY was founded in April of 2012 by Nyssa Frank. We offer emerging artists and teachers a platform for dreams to manifest. We seek to create an environment based on collaboration, not competition. The Living Gallery is a space where passion meets action. The Living Gallery will always be alive with new artwork, events and ideas. Mike Garcia is our music director. For music related inquires he can be contacted at livinggallerymusic@gmail.com

The Living Gallery is dedicated to enriching the Bushwick Community. In the past we have donated our space to non-profits, such as HAI(hainyc.org), who introduce art into local underpriviledged community members' lives. The Living Gallery also works hard to bring art to all community members by providing inexpensive children's classes, and creating class information in Spanish as well as English. 

Any amount is welcome!

If you donate $50 you get one FREE art class of your choice

If you donate $100 you get two FREE art classes of your choice as well as a print created by a local artist

If you donate $200 you get two FREE art classes and an original piece of artwork!!

If your donation is above $500 you get a membership that includes a 50% discount to classes as well as an original piece of artwork!
Donations & Membership information
Membership Information

We offer different types of membership options depending on how many classes you would like to take, and what kind of classes you are interested in!

$100 for  one MONTH Membership will give you 4 art classes in Painting & Drawing, as well as a pass to our weekly Drink & Draws

$150 for one Month Membership will give you 4 art classes in Paint, Drawing & Jewelry Making

$200 for one Month will give you UNLIMITED CLASSES!!

Specific Packages for each class are available upon request: TheLivingGallery@gmail.com